Passionate About Passionfruit

Gardener:Old Mangakino Orchard (McCallum's Garden)

Date:02 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

I'm starting to get excited. Last year when living at our friends place we planted a whole lot of passionfruit from seed and had a great strike rate. For about 6 years I have been trying to grow it after having a great crop from our first plant at our first house. That was two houses ago and ever since then, our plants have grown well year one and turned up their toes year two and died on us.

Well this is year 2 and the bunch we planted out over winter as just starting to kick into life and flower. No signs of stress and all looking pretty good so far. 

I have about 12 plants around the section so can afford for some not to make it. These ones are planted around our water tanks. I wanted something to take away the industrial look so we used left over cavity battens and fencing wire to create a frame and are growing them all around the tank. There is bonus to this too as when it lightly rains, the rain flows off the tank and down the sides watering the plants. The soil is free draining which is what they like. I have a good feeling about this one but don't want to count my passionfruit until they ripen. 

By next year, we will hopefully have a covered tank that produces masses of fruit for us. 

If they do fail, at least we have masses of banana passionfruit growing which is near impossible to kill which is why is considered a pest plant. It was well established when we purchased the land and to be honest we love the fruit. 

Passionate About Passionfruit