Patches 2/3

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:09 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Yesterday I blogged about the first of our patches. Our vege garden spans the width of our section.

When we first bought this property (which is by no means huge) my top priority was a north facing piece of ground that could be converted to a vegetable garden. So we have this space with five blocks all approximately the same size, lined with stone paths and a narrow garden which goes right along the back of it.

We rotate our crops each year to try to get the best out of our soil.

I toured you through block 1 yesterday. Block 2 is our potato patch this year. Three rows of agria potatoes which are just starting to flower, so there's not much to look at there.

Block 3 has in it one side of an arch SH fabricated out of steel for me which hosted sweet peas last year and is going to host my kentucky pole and purple beans this year. They are currently about six inches high.

Also in this garden a square of sweet corn - I've thrown caution to the wind (literally) and sown both honey and pearl and another variety - so who knows how they'll turn out as they are sure to cross pollinate!

There is a patch of bare ground in front of those waiting for my two Eureka gherkins to go in - they are still getting a little bigger in their pots right now.

To the right of them is our second sowing of Green Feast peas. The first were decimated, not by insects, but by the grandchildren... I am expecting another infestation when these come ready!

On the right again I have planted my capsicums and chillies. These are currently under a cover of mesh to protect them from being dug up by cats desperate for the loo. In front of those is a row of spring onions. On the right from the capsicums is our second planting of Pukekohe Longkeeper onions. I'm thinking these may have been planted a bit close together - but if they're small I'll do what I did last year and preserve pickled onions. We're still eating them from last year and they are delicious.

In front of the onions are six lettuces, the last of the first sowing of radishes, another bunch of chives and the sweet peas on one side of the next arch. A row of chives borders the right of this plot.

And finally in the garden behind - on the left another new espaliered Red Bartlett pear, in the middle more beans sown against the trellis and on the right our espaliered Monty's Surprise Apple. All in amongst some glorious Granny Bonnets and herbs.

Once again a lot in a relatively small space.

Patches 2/3