Peas please.

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:19 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

We're just getting to end of our first crop of peas for the season.

I was never a big fan of growing peas because you actually don't get a huge return for space used, effort put in, fertiliser, compost etc.

I'm into growing crops that can be frozen, preserved, pickled and that really give "bang for their buck". We eat peas alot. I love them with roast meals, I love mushy peas with mint and sour cream, we love them deep fried in pakoras... but frozen peas are so cheap and so convenient.

But then along came our grandchildren and now a row of peas in the garden for most of the year is an absolute must. Apart from checking out the "lolly cupboard", Nanny and Poppa's vege garden is the next best place to visit to see if the pea's are ready. My heart literally melts every time I see little fingers prising those sweet green morsels out of their pods.

SH and I also get to enjoy some with our dinners but mostly I grow peas for my grandkids - and hopefully will for years to come.


Peas please.