Perhaps unorthodox

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:28 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Unsure if I read on here last year or elsewhere , but anyway in a load of pig food we were given a lot of potatoes, most were sprouting and I didn't have a space planned and because winter was fast approaching I thought ok someone had amazing success chucking there's in the compost ( yep talking compost again lol ) 

So I created a potato compost and they seem to be doing great , way to close together no holes dug and litterally just chucking piles of weeds on top every now and then , they seem to be doing great from what I can see , nice and green popping though every week , this morning before work I chucked some hay on top , and hopefully there's loads of potatoes come Xmas time . 
I also planted a rose my sister had given me the other day that she dug out of her garden , she started gardening late but has a green thumb to I love our gardening chats and constantly being able to add to each other's gardens 💕

Perhaps unorthodox