Pest control!!


Date:14 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've been heading out at night for a slug hunt. At first I was just squashing them as I go until a couple of nights in the husband asked how many I'm squishing. I said hundreds and he said "yeah right, you should collect them for the chickens then". So I started counting, the first time I got 141, second night I got through 3 rows and the torch went flat, got 54. The next night after a little rain I counted and bagged 371!!!!! 🤯 Tonight was 191!!!! I'm sure I'm making a dent in their population... I better be!!! About 2 hours a night I go out for, hunting. There's a few odd noises in the dark that make me want to run inside and hide. Also on the pest control... round some possum poop near the garden bed and got up the other morning to a very large hare hoping around the base of the raised beds!! Hope the farmers around here have a night of rabbit and possum hunting sooner rather than later 😅.

What pest do you have to combat with and how do you go about dealing with them?

Pest control!!