Pinpoint Painting.

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:26 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

I posted just over a week ago about deciding to paint our boundary fences. Although we have a relatively small section - there is a lot of fence and I knew we were taking on a big task.

SH has borrowed a spray unit from a friend which has made things a lot easier than with a brush, but there are still parts that need to be painted the old-fashioned way. I have been following behind him painting the fence capping and then there's the espaliers....

The first two apples were okay. they have only just begun to sprout leaves so we released all of the ties and gently brushed behind them. The first two pears - Nashi and Red Bartlett - we came to are also still in the early stages of sprouting so were not too difficult, we just went through the same process of releasing the ties and gently easing the branches away from the fence.

But when it came to the Packhams Triumph... whoa!!!! This baby has really accelerated the growth this year and it is covered in leaves and little tiny fruit. What a mission - one of us gently holding up a branch while the other worked as fast as we could getting paint in behind. Fortunately it was warm and windy so the paint dried pretty quick. 

They are all now re-attached to the fence and hopefully enjoying the warmth of the new colour behind them. None of them seem to be displaying any stress from their ordeal fortunately - although I can't say the same for me.. my sore arms are just starting to recover! 

Pinpoint Painting.