Plodding Along

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:19 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

This weekend, I think will be the first weekend in a while where I don't actually have a long list of things that must be achieved in the garden. Secretly I am quite relieved as I must admit, I have been overtired the last few days and falling asleep at 8 pm. Due to my profession, it is a really busy time of the year, and it is not completely unusual for me to suddenly crash around about now. After a few days of making myself go to bed early after all the late nights the previous few weeks, I usually bounce back. 

Obviously, we don't get off completely free. The gardens will need a very light weed tomorrow to stay on top of things; a liquid feed will be required in most gardens, and Connor has decided he wants basil in his garden (after cooking spaghetti bolognese at his tec class yesterday). We talked about it being a good companion plant for tomatoes. He was also quite keen to pop a few spring onions in between too. Apparently, anything that he can add quickly to meals I think was his words. 

So far all of the seedlings that we transplanted last week have survived. This means, I can probably start to gift our excess seedlings, and clear the porch area out completely. We have a few more asparagus seedlings popping up that will have to stay though. I have room for 2 more in the existing bed, but am yet to determine what to do with the rest. I have time up my sleeve for those ones though, and it will probably be a case of planing up, and keeping in individual pots for a while longer to let the corns develop. 

Weatherwise, we have had a few lucky escapes with forecasted rain not coming to too much. However, as I write, it is starting to drizzle again. We definitely do need a bit more sunshine to get the plants going properly. 

Plodding Along