Possibly obsessed

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:24 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

Ok so yes I'm talking compost again but what can I say it literally makes our garden better .
so a couple of days ago a local women put a post up giving away the last of last seasons lucerne hay , I jumped on that and today we got 2 loads 1 went on the compost we created last week and will get a good soaking hopefully with tonight's forecast of rain . the second load is still on the trailer and will go in the flower field to start a large inarobic compost there . 
then the rest a lot more than I thought will be the beginning of what will be a fern house at some stage so we will essentially create a large no dig area for future use , it's a very dusty job but so worth it around another 10 or so loads to go . 
plus I got 63 cosmos planted and covered with hoops and frost cloth . 
Harvested some rudenbekia , craspidia branching sunflowers and sowed them .

love a productive day and hubbys on dinner duty no complaints here .

Possibly obsessed