Potato project....

Gardener:Gardening with the Dillons

Date:28 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

This year, I'm gardening on my own, with the kids helping of course, but I need easy low maintenance gardening so I can keep on top of everything on my own. 

I had a potato patch down the back section - built into a steep bank, but when wet its slippy and trick to navigate, so needed a plan B

Prior to having that patch, I had tried the potato bags, but that was before I'd learnt how to grow potatoes, and start them at the bottom of the bag and slowly top up with soil as the leaves surface....   So I'm going to try again - just a few varieties this time - Ilam Hardy, Nadine, and of course the Christmas favourite  Jersey Bene ..... I'm looking forward to seeing how they go, and hopefully enjoying these goodies for Christmas!! 

I need to start planning tasks for the weekend, and get the garden organised... I have ticked off the list: 

Blue Glasshouse cleaned, and soil/compost topped up

Containers filled with soil/veggie mix

Veggie Seedlings pricked out (then nibbled on by a couple of sneaky snails.... Nooooo!!!!!!)

Sunflower seed sown (love the bright happy pretties around the veggie patch!)


Still a bit chilly here in Wellington to plant out though -  so most things are still in the greenhouse - I'm determined not to plant too early - and the Toms etc. are just taking off now

....Patience will pay off!....

I think Labour weekend is going to be that busy plant out weekend for me!!!   

Oh yeah....  and I am going to try Corn yet again! :)



Potato project....