Potatoes and Pineapples

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:03 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

After yesterday being akin to summer, we are now back to the wet Northland weather we have been more familiar with lately. Not as cold as it has been, but not exactly the time to put away those winter woolies yet. 

In saying that, the rain has actually been a pleasant welcome for the garden though as it meant a day off watering. Instead I was able to just wander around checking things out. Enjoying the moment. The dahlias in particular. For the count, we have 9 dahlias up, and about 14 to go. The border dahlias that are in pots are also popping back up. Those were left in the pots over winter. Just 3 of those to come up I think. I also have a dozen or so new dahlia seedlings to go in. I will probably wait another week or so for that. Having those on standby also means if any of the tubers don't come up, then I have a back up plan so that the garden isn't out of balance. 

In regards the veggies, the potatoes in the main bed are just starting to poke through. The last two rows will go in this weekend. The buckets, bags and chilli bin are going to need their final top-up this weekend too (only the later varieties as the early crops were filled to the top to start with). 

But perhaps the most spectacular site in the garden today was the first red pineapple flower, even though it was surrounded by cobwebs. I might have to go with the concept of it being Halloween decorations because there is no way I am putting my hand in there to get rid of the cobwebs. Not even for a better photo. Spiders aside, those spikes are nasty. Worth it for the pineapples though. This flower will grow into a spectacular site over the next few weeks, as it rises out. 

Potatoes and Pineapples