Purple Beans

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:14 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

I have sown beans indoors over the past week and the seedlings are just starting to emerge. I'm hoping they will be ready to plant out in the garden just as the weather starts to come right.

For the past two years I have grown Yates Purple King Beans. 

These are very easy to grow, they are absolutely prolific producers and so interesting in that when you cook them they turn from purple to green. 

Probably the only negative thing is that when they are cooked a thin outer layer of the skin tends to turn a little slippery, this compounds when they are frozen. But they still taste great and I love the display they put on in the garden. We were completely "beaned out" last season but I left the purple kings on the vine because they looked just so pretty.

My other go-to bean is the Yates dwarf green and gold - a mix of crisp green beans with the buttery yellow beans - a perfect combination and beautifully crisp when cooked.

I've also planted some Kentucky Pole climbers this year just to add to the mix. No doubt we will once again be "beaned out" by the end of the season but right now I am so looking forward to the taste of crisp fresh beans with a roast or in a bean salad.

Oh and...shh... the rain has stopped :)

Purple Beans