Purple flowers for rocoto chilli


Date:30 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

The chilli season is well on the way. All the anuums have flowers, while they are pretty and productive, they are just plain white with maybe a little green or yellow down the petals.

The Chinense flower are starting to but, and from the varieties I have, they should be mostly white too.

I have new varieties of Baccatum that I purposefully have not researched the flowers so I can appreciate the suprise.

Rocoto has striking purple flowers. Being a pubescence, the whole plant is very different to the others. I have rocotto manzano to. This one should have purple flowers too, will be interesting to se the difference.

The weather has certainly helped them grow fast this year. I am hoping that the amount of water though does not leave me with sweet no heat jalapeño 😂. 

 Purple flowers for rocoto chilli