Remembering my dad

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:04 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

My Dad was super hard working and it's my first Father's Day without him , so I have spent it gardening , somehow I feel closer to him with my hands in the dirt . 

I started by weeding and mulching 2 of our raised beds while the boys fixed hubbys car , there were a few gaps as I had not been vigilant enough on pest control and the snails feasted on a few brassicas , snail bait and evening squishing has stopped them and I popped some Yates baby beet seeds and some spinach seeds in the gaps . 
then it was time to spread some lucerne hay and the 3 scoops of vege mixes with the help from my hubby and 5 year old son , but not before hubby rotary hoed it first , it should be the last time for these areas as they enter the no dig fam .
good progress made and I think fish and chippies may be the go down the beach for dinner . 

don't worry hubby got bacon and eggs for breaky this Father's Day he's such an amazing supportive man I could not imagine doing life without him 

Remembering my dad