Rhodies and Mum


Date:02 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

These Rhodendrons were planted by a previous owner up our driveway, I must admit ten years ago they were not a shrub that would be ontop of my list to buy. Mum loves them, and always has, every house we moved to she would plant them in her garden, and now I actually quite like them, because they remind me of Mum.

My Nana also adores them, everytime I'm talking to her at this time of the year she always asks if they are in bloom, she loves my yellow one.

Unfortunately I have missed taking the photos when they were at their best, but they do put on a spectacular display. They are easy care and can grow massive! (I'll pop a photo of a picture I came across on Facebook in the comments). Hubby on the other hand isn't so fussed on the mess they make and mowing around them, but too bad I say!



Rhodies and Mum