Rhubarb rocks!

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:27 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

Yesterday I blogged about a garden we visited on our UK/Europe OE in 2019 - Nostell Priory.

In that same kitchen garden they grow 19 different varieties of rhubarb. In the onsite cafe they use 250 kilo of rhubarb each year in their baking!

All of the rhubarb plants in the garden grow along a back wall and it is so impressive.

We grow one variety of rhubarb in our garden (pictured) and I have no idea what it is. I brought the plant from our previous garden and so far (in five years of being here) it has been dug up, divided and lived in three different positions. The reason it keeps being moved is that it grows so big, the leaves take over and I need the space for something else. It even went into a shady corner of the flower garden last season. 

This year I once again dug it up and, after giving some away to friends and family, divided the remainder into three plants which I have put at the western end of our vegie garden that doesn't get a huge amount of sun and stays damp for much of the year. Once again they are looking healthy and as if they may take over the patch!

Rhubarb has made a resurgence recently as a trendy vegetable to grow. It of course, makes a mean crumble to enjoy with cream or icecream. But it also goes surprisingly well with beef, chicken and is great in some curries. Rhubarb chutney is also delicious.

Healthwise it increases good cholesterol and is great for your bowels (sorry but it had to be mentioned).

Interestingly I have found that rhubarb itself benefits from a good dose of horse or sheep poo!!

Back at Nostell Priory we did enjoy a lovely cup of tea and the best rhubarb scones we have ever tasted. 

Rhubarb rocks!