Second Tunnel House complete ✔️


Date:17 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

It's been a busy few days out of the garden, my sister is getting married next month so I've been to Dunedin with her for a couple of days to pick up her beautiful dress. 

All but one cabbage has finished in number two tunnel house, so compost went on and the some more crops got planted today. I have tomatoes as you can see on the right, and cucumbers, and chillies on the left. I have also squeezed in a few chillies infront of the tomatoes.

Last season I zig zagged my planting of tomatoes in a tunnel, so there were two rows of plants. I found although some plants cropped well, some on the side that doesn't get as much sun did not. This way there will be more light, better airflow and less risk of infection.

I ate my first cucumber of the season the other day, straight out of the garden, that first one of any crop always tastes the best!

I have given my spares away, apart from half a dozen(ish) tomatoes which I will hold onto for a week or two more just incase disaster strikes.

In the vege gardens, everything is ticking along nicely, and I still have some space for sucession planting, go me! Although we had some wind not long ago that battered my poor beans, but I'm sure they will bounce back. The wind seems to whizz past the house and is right in my big gardens line, I'm going to have to create some wind protection at some stage, I just need to come up with a plan of attack for that.

Second Tunnel House complete ✔️