Set to have fruit for days

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:28 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Yay for the sunshine , after dropping Jamison to school I finally got to do a fair amount of mowing our new ride on is a fair bit bigger than one we had years ago and I am already realising I need to make a few changes to utilise it fully , the push mower is not going to be obsolete anytime soon. 

I also had a tidy up around the shade house putting things away from when we put new racks in the green house , it really is amazing how quickly stuff can accumulate around the place . 

I have taken pics of most of our fruit trees and bushs along with the yams that are looking amazing . 

We have 9 varieties of apple lots of black boy peach trees , cherries , a couple of lemons , 1 orange 1 manderine , a row of gooseberries, raspberries all over the place , red black and white currants, 3 apricots a few different plums 6 nectarines a quince they are all doing awesome . 

And I have decided even though my hubby and I usually do our own concrete my chiller may never get done if I don't out source so a friend of ours has a wee business and is going to get it done in the new year , I'm going to need somewhere to store some of this fruit . 

It was also D day for our naughty fence jumping cow who has a good set of horns so it's going in the compost for cleaning along with the contents of its stomach and the offal we kept for the dog , some may find it vulgar but it's the circle of life and we aim to honour the who animal 

Set to have fruit for days