Simple Joys

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:04 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

I have had the great honour and privilege of being a grandmother for the past 7 years. As grandparenting gardeners blogging here will know, one of the great joys of having grandchildren is instilling in them the love of being in a garden. 

Our eldest grandson is 7 years old and his first experience of Nanny and Poppa's garden was as a toddler picking peas with Nanny popping open the pods so he could eat the sweet little morsels inside.

Since then he has had a brother and two sisters and each year around this time they have come to our garden to ask "Any peas yet Nanny?"

Two weeks ago I had to tell the 5 year old that the pods are only just forming and point out the flowers where the pods will grow and eventually produce peas.

Today the almost 2 year old granddaughter visited and asked... "Peas Nanny?". I couldn't resist. There were several pods just starting to fatten. Little tiny peas inside, barely bigger than a peppercorn, I popped those pods open and her little greedy mouth gobbled them like they were the best lolly she'd ever tasted.

THIS is the ultimate joy of growing vegetables.

Simple Joys