Small garden nursery?


Date:20 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

This morning I've spent a good few hours sorting out my seedlings. When you look at them all stacked nicely on the shelf in the greenhouse it doesn't look like many plants. But this picture tells a different story! (*cough *cough) this isnt everything either I have beetroot, spinach, more lettuce, peas, and silverbeet on the tunnelhosue shelf.

I arranged them all into types of seedlings, then into varieties to see how many of each I have. As you can guess I don't need to sow any more seeds of the summer crops. I will however do some more beans in a week or two.

Good luck to those further up the country who are planting out this long weekend! I might pop a few of the bigger Tom's in the tunnelhouse but will be a few weeks off my main planting out yet

Small garden nursery?