Some good old-fashioned dodgy DIY

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:23 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Although I have the space for a glasshouse where we are, I’m not keen to get it yet. We are hoping to get our first house soon (although ‘soon’ has been 3 years..) and I’m not keen on having to move a glasshouse.

So this year I’ve constructed a neat little tunnel house for my cucumbers. This is a ‘solid’ construction made from top notch materials such as two old clothes racks and leftover plastic packaging from our new mattress. Its main features are:

-        Lack of provision for strong winds and/or rain

-        Structurally unsound when the cat is near

I had a criminal amount of fun constructing this and it did withstand some strong winds so far. To be honest, I’ve adopted a sort of a Buddhist Zen attitude towards it straight away, just in case it did collapse.

Gardening tasks at the moment are never ending. I do hope for some favourable weather this weekend, as I still need to plant out my tomatoes. Hope everyone else gets some better weather too!

Some good old-fashioned dodgy DIY