Sometimes things just work out

Gardener:Old Mangakino Orchard (McCallum's Garden)

Date:28 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

This year we have been blessed with a fairly trouble free garden. I'm almost too scared to write it, in fear that something terrible will happen.

Our garden has come to life and while there have been a lot of white butterflys around, for some reason our brassica's have not been dessimated. I've hand picked a few eggs and caterpillars off but overall the plants seem happy. 

We are just at that sweet point where some things are started to be harvested and we can start thinking about basing our means around the garden. Zuchinni is going strong and we have zuchetta and Ufo Zuchinni also fruiting.

Managed to pack a fresh cucumber in Haven's lunch box today which did not make it back home!. We should almost be able to pick one every 2 days now. 

Lettuce is plentiful, spring onions are ready. 

Kamo kamo and butternut starting to form and the beans are flowering so it won't be long until we have those. Tomatoes are also starting to form but sadly no red ones yet like Sarah.

Our pink popcorn plants are twice the size of our standard corn. Planted at different times so as to avoid cross pollination. We also planted another lot of seeds today.

In the past we have always had a glut and then nothing as I get excited at the start of the season but then life gets busy. This year with the greenhouse, I have managed to keep up the planting so we have a second generation of plants coming up now. We are hoping to extend the harvest this year and really make the most of what we can grow. 

All round we have been relatively pest free except for the ants in the greenhouse which in the end had to go due to their aphid farming. I think part of our success in relation to pests has been planting lots of wildflowers along the bank and have plenty of places for beneficial insects to make home. Sometimes a messy garden has it's benefits. 

Sometimes things just work out