Sometimes You Can Only Laugh


Date:11 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

This morning I spent some time out in the garden ticking off a few jobs. Most of the gardens were given a feed of seaweed and fish. I finally planted some sweet pea plants and sowed more seeds underneath the deck, where I'm hoping they'll climb up the trellis over the summer months. Another round of lettuce plants were also added to the salad patch - red oak lettuce and baby cos. I also popped down to Mitre 10 and picked up some Yates Blackjack Zucchini seeds and Yates Sunflowers - Bronze Shades.

I checked on my seeds that I've already sowed in their containers. I don't have the luxury of a greenhouse so we use the 60 L clear, plastic containers from The Warehouse. They always work really well. I used the watering can to add water to the bottom of the container and then left the seedlings for 10-15 mins, before emptying the water. I water this way to encourage the roots to grow develop and grow down.

We also ended up having a bit of an accident today. The photo you can see on this post is now the 'before pic'. Our cat got spooked by the neighbour's dog barking, ran straight into this container, and smashed it. That then resulted in lots of seedlings tipped over. Thankfully, I'd taken this photo earlier as I was second guessing myself if I'd relabeled the zucchini and cucumber seedlings correctly.

You really can only laugh when these things happen. I wish I had a photo of the action taking place as it was definitely cheap entertainment. All ended well. The corn you can see is glass gem corn. I realise it's early, but we plant the popcorn early so we can plant sweetcorn closer to Labour Weekend.

Next weekend all the compost will arrive so that will be a slightly bigger job ticked off on the Spring To Do List. 😊

Sometimes You Can Only Laugh