Somewhere there is a vegie garden

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:05 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

What a season! We’ve never had snow twice in spring, especially not this late. It so pretty, might need to get out for a few minutes during the morning tea break to make a snowman, I think. Of course, whenever there is snow in Dunedin, the whole town works from home. Its pretty funny; when I used to live in Kiev people would only stay home if it was under -25.. :D

There is nothing in the ground that’s not frost tolerant at the moment, apart from sunflowers (I’ve already let go of them mentally and have backups growing inside so that’s ok). I am a bit worried about the little seedlings - all the tiny carrots and lettuces. Might sow some double ups this weekend just in case.

It is getting rather magical outside (will include some photos in comments), not sure how I will be able to concentrate on work today, with these scenes outside the window!

Somewhere there is a vegie garden