Sooo hot and sooo windy

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:01 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

It's been a massive 5 days , we had a fab time in Wellington, got the new truck home safely and enjoyed a bit of very fancy dining and hotel experience, we tried wagyu and sword fish for the first time . 

It was a good thing almost everything got a good deep water before we left , the weather forecast had said there would be rain while we were away but there was none , 

My second lot of seeds have been great but I now need to find space for 30 pumpkins we're they can roam as much as they please . 

7 more chillies are up and 4 wee apple seedlings , nothing from the cucumbers and lemons yet , time will tell . 
And 16 courgettes is no doubt to many but I will plant them as the chickens, cows , sheep and pigs love them to . 

Im having to irrigate morning and night as the heat and wind is just zapping everything, so glad to have lots of mulch but it never seems to be enough . 

I finally am in a rhythm getting things to market 3 times a week , thank goodness because I need to buy more vege mixes for the new raised beds , we use the hugeleculture method which is fantastic it saves a lot of money and adds benificial goodness to the soil as the logs hold moisture and everything else breaks down . 

We got the lawns mown before we left and already they are nearly at the stage to mow again , keeping on top of it is key . 

Monday was our first school pet day , and Spirit got second which was fab he had a great time meeting all kinds of other animals , I even got to pay a deer which was awesome . 

Before I left I delivered a bouquet I really do love how much variety I have packed in .


And the flowers at the restaurant were spectacular.

Sooo hot and sooo windy