Spiders, Ghosts, Bats, Slugs and Worms

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:30 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

With the rain set in, this morning was spent mainly indoors doing the weekly clean, and then doing some Halloween baking with my youngest (orange chocolate chip cupcakes decorated with spiders, and shortbread ghosts and bats). A bit of a change from the gardening ventures of the past few weeks.

While the forecast was for heavy rain, with a warning in place from 6 am - 6pm, it didn't really live up to expectations. Instead, we had gentle showers on and off, with it easing mid-afternoon. Not that I was complaining.  After having to water the seedlings all last week, I was actually quite happy for everything to get a good soaking. I always look forward to two or three days later, after it has rained. At this time of the year, everything usually starts to take off. 

This afternoon, Connor and I decided to have a check over our worm farm. This is technically Connor's, which he purchased after winning the kid's section on here a few years back. I will be honest, and say that I was worried that it been neglected somewhat over the last few months, and that I was going to have to source some more worms.  While picking out slugs much to Connor's and my disgust, we actually found a there were still a number of worms in there. We were even quite excited to find a few babies. We put some more damp paper in, and Connor actually peeled a few carrots into it. I am hoping that by moving it to a new location, it will be more forefront in people's minds. It now sits in at the bottom of our steps outside, next to the rubbish bin. This area gets shade from midday onwards, which is one of the reasons I chose it. 

Tomorrow's job is to get the bokashi system back up and running again. I feel I may need to make and laminate a sheet to put at the back door so everyone knows what to put in what, and what can go to the chooks. 

This afternoon, we also planted up the Capsicums. They are just starting to get their second set of leaves. While they are still quite little, I decided to get them out of the six cells, as I had a good dozen come through and it was starting to get a wee bit crowded. Like last week, these were given a good feed of Yates Natural Thrive Fish and Seaweed. Last week's seedlings were also given another feed. The tomatoes are looking really good, and Connor will be able to put his out next weekend. 

Spiders, Ghosts, Bats, Slugs and Worms