Spring or winter?


Date:05 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Not much gardening has been happening here, I think the last day that wasn't bitter cold was the day I made my first blog!

We've had rain along with gusting winds, sideways rain, heavy down pour rain, hail, and some snow flurries to boot! Which isn't odd  as it happens most years that we get a false spring, but every year it still comes as a surprise.

My summer crop seedlings sure are happy to be tucked up inside. I've started tomatoes, chilli, capsicums, zucchini and corn. These will all be planted in my tunnel houses. The two taller tomato plants I bought as seedlings, I do this most years so we have some ealier toms to eat.

Pumpkins and beans won't get sown for a while yet, down south we can't get them in the ground until well into November, as we can still get late frosts.

I learnt my lesson from last season regarding beans, I planted them far too early, and had a job of untangling them when it came to planting time. 

I hope the rest of you are coping well with this cold snap, I know I'm itching to get back into the garden!



Spring or winter?