Stakes; Towers and Turners

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:30 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

With another busy week, I am back to my morning gardening activities so that I don’t fall behind. In the chaos of work and other activities, it is still my sanctuary for getting a bit of peace and quiet (and fresh air). With deciding to have a break this week from everything, I need to sort a few things first. Minor things, but important nonetheless – primarily snail bait, and tying varying plants to stakes. Grabbing half an hour before everyone else surfaced this morning, I managed to tie up my tomatoes, but also the dahlias and the rose that is toppling over for some reason. The wind is quite gusty again, and after the hard slog to get everything in, and growing, I don’t want to take any chances while we are away. With all the wet weather again, I also thought the snails needed to attending too. I have never used so much snail bait, nor have I squashed so many at night. While I was doing this, I also managed to sneak in a few rows of beetroot in a couple of gaps, as well as a couple of rows of radishes. Tomorrow, Connor said he will join me to do his tomatoes, and pop the dwarf bean seeds in. A doable task in the morning.

I also brought home two new additions to the garden today. Our school has had a person working alongside us this year as part of Enviro Schools, that has taught the students, teachers, and parents more about recycling, composting, and a number of other concepts. Specific workshops on composting have also been conducted. As part of this, we were able to purchase a couple of items at a  very very good price. We chose a compost turner (a large corkscrew-type contraption); and a worm tower. Like a kid with a new toy, I was only home 5 minutes before I had the tower assembled, and tried the compost turner. The turner is kind of like a long corkscrew (I will take a picture tomorrow).   

Stakes; Towers and Turners