Starting today with a Thank You xx

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:08 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Dear Sarah and Yates,

Thank you for the Thai Basil Seeds you sent me, so thrilled! I have sown some in the happiest pot i could find in the No-Face garden right by the studio steps. 

It also gave me a valid reason to go for a lovely amble on the beach as needed to gather a few more sticks and stones for signage

I am greatful to have been part of the challange this year, and for this growing community with their inspiration and encouragement and enthusiasm.

Today i have a few things to go in and a bit of 'cosmetics' ,  shall try and post each area when done ( my vegetable growing space is atm in several different areas) 

So delighted with these seeds! Thai Basil is entirely new to me, have read up about it and so looking forward to to seeing how it grows and using it in some of my dishes. Yum! Have also sneaked some into the flower bed as the flowers should add a nice depth of colour and be good for the wee tomatoes going in today.

Starting today with a Thank You xx