Still plodding along


Date:09 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

My Seedlings are doing great. Hopefully will go in next week once we set up the garden beds. I will be bring in compost for this. I was really gutted when I discovered thT a snail/slug ate some of my seedlings. They crossed to the middle and ate the one seedling I had only one seedling of, and have no way of getting more seed. I have been wanting to try the Ananas Noir tomato for some time. Absolutely gutted.

I was delighted to see my front garden thriving, including some weeds, I have no problem with this. My Kazanlik rose was loaded with blooms. I harvested some for rose liquer.

My garlic is thriving, but I do need to weed the area. I let a broccoli go to seed for the bees in late winter/early spring. It is now done so I will need to add it to the compost heap. I am also delighted with my Egremont Russet Apple, and Montmorency Cherry that are both covered with blossom. I look forward to hopefully getting the fruit later in the season.

Still plodding along