Sunflowers and Seed Sowing


Date:02 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

We haven't had much luck with growing sunflowers in previous years, but have decided to give them a proper go this season. I'd like to add them into some of the veggie gardens too. Previously, the snails seem to have had my sunflower seedlings for lunch before they got a chance to establish themselves properly. I generally use a non-toxic snail pellet, but need to remember to reapply them more regularly during those early weeks.

Mr 7 planted his first lot of seeds on the 22nd of August. He planted a few tomato seeds, sunflowers, and his favourite flower - snapdragons. Just over a week later the sunflowers were the first to pop through. They were a nice reminder that Spring won't be too far away. The other seedlings have since come through as well.

Over the weekend we'll get his seed potatoes in too. He's chosen Purple Passion and I've got a couple of varieties to get in myself. We're going back to grow bags for this season. I'll post a little bit more about that over the weekend once we get a chance to get outside again. :)


Sunflowers and Seed Sowing