Sun's Up

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:08 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

At last! A day that deserved to be called a spring day.

For us it was a day where the sun shone and, despite a frosty start, the temperature reached a whopping 18 and the garden tools came out and plants were planted.

I do hope it was the same at your place.

I planted out silverbeet, zucchini and lettuces in to the vegetable garden. We potted on tomatoes, cucumber and sowed beans under cover. I tied up more loose ends of sweet peas on the arch and we straightened and tied the broad beans which have suffered a bit from the wind over the past week.

Our potatoes have survived the frost thanks to the blue tarps we tucked them up in over the past few nights and I have applied blood and bone and general garden fertiliser to the patch of garden where my corn will be planted within the next two weeks.

Another fine day is forecast tomorrow... it'll be back out into the garden I'm sure.

Sun's Up