Sweet Banana Peppers... A little more..


Date:13 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Sweet banana peppers are a much loved mild pepper. At their hottest they are just 500 scoville units, but that is very rare. These are mostly a sweet pepper that has a hint of chilli flavour rather than any heat. 

These peppers are used just like you would use cayenne peppers, for a mild option. They are both salad or cooking peppers, they are great roasted but a little finicky to stuff. They are great pickled. I am planning to smoke some for a smoked paprika style chilli flake. 

This pepper is a flavour pepper and has a part in all gardens. It is a great pepper to move up from bell peppers into the world of chilli or to start the young ones off to a spicier cuisine. 

Sweet Banana Peppers... A little more..