Take Those Photos!


Date:09 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

This morning I spent time potting up some tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and a zucchini into tubs for my eldest daughter to have at her place. With the cost of living at the moment, I'm sure that will help her a lot. Plus she can always come raid our garden when ever she wants! 

We tried very recently to buy another property with more land, it fell through unfortunely, but that's OK as I get to love my own garden for a while longer. While I was searching the internet for the rateable value of the property we own now, I came across this photo (top photo, sorry it's turned out blurry after I screenshot it). It is one of the marketing photos used when we bought it.


I am completely amazed at how much work we've done to the garden by the house, I don't remember it looking like that at all! I knew I had planted quite a bit in there, but I've also lost a lot of plants as well, the soil was very, very dry. I've added a lot of organic matter over the last 5 years to build it up, and that has worked a treat.


So take those photos of your garden (thankfully hubby thought to do that when we moved in, I'll have to dig those up), and look back to see how far your labour of love has come, and you'll be just as chuffed as me!




Take Those Photos!