Taking Shape 3


Date:06 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

With the spring rains and some sunshine, things are starting to full up now. Still a few potatoes to come up, they are replacements for the already harvested one. The pepper garden is requiring stakes, and I still have at least 1 of all the varieties I seeded. 

The tomatoes are all in fruit now, money maker is still looking like it will be the first to ripen. They have the shiny green that changes just before they ripen, so not too long now!

Still a large silver beet this side, beans are growing well, I have a few replacement for the slug created gaps. Malabar spinach is growing well. Kumara is also starting to climb the fence.

With the tomatoes well up the frames there is more space for underplanting them opening up. Some more carrots, onions, lettuce, beetroots can all be added.

The rain has not reached us today yet, but looks like it may happen during the night. If not an early watering is on the morning list. 

 Taking Shape 3