Taking shape... around the corner 3


Date:06 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Around the corner things are really taking off.

Corn is starting to flower, I shake them every time I pass so yo get this silks fertilised. The butternut under/surround planting plants are growing well. The beans are winding their way up the corn, the ciagua behind and the courgettes are doing well. The Gem squash are climbing the fence well. Silverbeet is getting big, and getting along with its lettuce neighbours that are settling well. Basil is plentiful and the parsley keeps trying to go to seed.

Carrots are growing well interplanted with spring oinions, both red and green. Beets are happy and the cabbages are heading up. 

Oinions are getting bigger by the day. Tomatoes are happy. 

Padron peppers are on this side too, taking a sunny spot, they have a few friends. A sugar rush stripey is taking advantage of a shadier spot, roccoto is also there as they like it a bit cooler. A md Hatter snacking pepper is in here too in a sunnier spot than these 2, as it is one of the Baccatum chillies that want the extra sun. 

A row of potatoes and a few lettuces take up the last of the space except for a small area for the next cabbages, both red and green, and 2 cauliflower. 



 Taking shape... around the corner 3