Taming the Jungle

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:28 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

After a mammoth effort yesterday taming the wild jungle down in the bottom garden FINALLY the first lot of  yams are in! Was it maybe a month ago I wrote about planting them.... lesson learned  - PLANT and THEN Blog!!! (Otherwise I run out of steam...)

You can see in the first pic I took yesterday all of the snapped off storm damaged broad beans that had to be removed (now in my compostery so still useful) AND the rediculous 'collar' that was SUPPOSED to protect the brussels sprouts from snails - well, turns out I had made snail paradise instead! AND not a sprout to be seen... (just lots of snails on the inside having a bit of a free midnight buffet) ... so collar has been removed (as have the snails).

Took a WHILE and multiple peach seedlings again to go out to the gate when I have more energy to do so.

The ground still very muddy yesterday after sundays deluge.

Taming the Jungle