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Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:23 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers, Recipes

Everyone has their favourite and we gardeners tend to have plants we nurture and cosset more than the others in our garden. For me it is hostas. I absolutely love them.

They come back bigger and better year after year.

They grow in the more awkward parts of the garden, damp and shade.

There are a whole variety of different shaped leaves and shades.

They are mostly green or variations thereof (my fave colour).

They are easy to divide and survive transplant well.

When we sold our last garden (it went with a house but to me it was a garden) it was late autumn. I dug up half of each hosta plant and left the remainder for the new owner.

Within a year our new garden was bursting with the glorious yellows, greens and greys of the hostas I had brought with us. The picture below is of our old garden, but they look equally as good in our current garden and are once again just starting to poke through the soil. They are very sought after by snails, however, so as soon as the new shoots come through I scatter Yates Blitzem to keep those slimy feeders at bay.

I just recently read that you can also eat the new shoots and they are similar in taste and texture to asparagus.... but really why would you!!!???

Teachers Pet