Thank You Fellow Gardeners

Gardener:Old Mangakino Orchard (McCallum's Garden)

Date:08 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

This is the day that the challenge ends,

And a time to reflect on so many friends.

Some who have blogged year after year

While others have only just found their way here.


To all I say thank you, thank you a lot

For words of encouragement more often than not.

Your gardens are awesome, your passion is seen

Your comments uplifting, your words never mean.


You may keep on blogging and I hope that you do

If not, that’s ok, but I sure will miss you.

Hopefully next year, you’ll find a good reason

To sign up again for the next growing season.


So many cool people, you all are so great

It’s proven fact, not up for debate.


Helen the expert, our resident flower grower

I’m a little bit jealous of your ride on lawnmower.


Sue, you brought joy, with your comments that rhyme

Sneaking up to your potatoes whispering, “it’s tickling time!”


Ev the beekeeper from way down the line

Posting back seeds in exchange for mine.


Stacey oh Stacey who’s indoor plant crazy

With a cool little shed, it’s really amazy. (made that word up to rhyme)


Rachael from Northland, with great advice for up here.

The pineapple pups are a highlight this year.


Neil from Auckland, with not a clear patch of dirt,

I officially pronounce you the chilli expert.


Jungle Jane a true artist, a garden landscaper

Every flower, leaf or fibre, can be made into paper. 


Tracey your greenhouse is beautiful and bigger than mine,

I hope your blueberries are safe and taste truly divine.


Luvy, with your market garden, I hope that all is well.

And all you grow it looks so great, I’m sure that it will sell.


Tannz, you win the patience prize, it could not have been fun

To plant so many spring onions, carefully one by one.


Dylan, I hope your corn is strong, reaching for the sky

And by the end of summer, you have fresh popcorn to try.


Ali at Crosshill Garden, I wonder how you do

I’ll soon be making my own garden mix, a special thanks to you.


Abbie your lamb must be big by now and your lettuce fully grown

Hopefully you got your gardens full and lots more seeds sown.


Jen, I missed your blogs this year, your garden both formal and free

I hope you had some great success with your little BnB.


Graeme the grower or Birdhouse Bend

Your field of pumpkins, I can’t comprehend.

Llvon with the space age seed growing station

And Tuakau Little stars who might one day change the nation


Simone and son Luke, make a great gardening pair

I must say that I missed your blogging this year.  


Caryn M and Dansyland, you’d only just begun

Gardening with Dillions and Brightside Cottage, I hope you all had fun.


Carol, how I still miss you and your gardening super powers,

I’m pretty sure you’re watching out and caring for my flowers.


Amie from Yates, what can I say

You filled those big shoes, when our host was away.


I hope I mentioned everyone, if not please don’t feel rage

Just put it down to my failing memory, and my increasing age.


Before I go, just two more thanks to the gardening heavy weights

A massive thanks to Sarah the Gardener, and the wonderful team at Yates.

You make this competition what it is, a place full of surprises

It’s more than just a competition with lots of awesome prizes.

It’s a place where gardeners young and old, can share their hopes and dreams

And blog about their special patch and secret garden schemes.

I’m finding it hard to find the words, you may not believe it but it’s true,

So I’ll end this little poem with a simple heartfelt THANK YOU.


Thank You Fellow Gardeners