The Bees Revenge.

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:16 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

I had another superb afternoon out in the garden today. It was warm and slightly overcast - perfect weather for gardening and for getting burnt if I wasn't careful so I slapped on the sunscreen and a hat.

No. 1 on the list was pulling out the last of the broad beans and harvesting the final pods, chopping up the smaller stalks for the compost, the rest went into a fadge which the SH has disposed of  in a pit at his work.

No. 2 job was laying down the weed mat and putting out the tyres for the kumara to be planted in this weekend.

No.3 was weeding the final part of the vege garden and getting rid of those pesky seedlings from our home made compost.

No.4 job was to pick a big bunch of sweet peas to make our living area smell delicious. I adore sweet peas and particularly like all of the beautiful pastel colours. This year though, I sowed Yates Brilliant Fragrance just for something different. The aroma is DIVINE! So we only have white - but oh! the perfume.

I had to get my little step ladder out to pick them as most are flowering at the top of the arch at the moment. I had picked a good amount when one of my darling little bee friends took exception to me raiding his pollen source and said "bugger you!" and promptly stung my ring finger.

Although my garden attracts hundreds of bees I very rarely get stung, I'm sure the bees know that I love them and want them here. However this guy was obviously interrupted mid-meal and I now have a very swollen finger being strangled by my wedding ring. Hopefully it will calm down before SH needs to get his sheetmetal snips out to cut it off!!

But as you can see the sting was (almost) worth it. 


The Bees Revenge.