The Beginning

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:20 Jan 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

We had found our north facing little patch of ground for our vege garden and moved into the house that came with it....

Now it was digging up the lawn to start our edible garden - easier said than done!

The couch grass was seriously hard to dig up and, with us both nearing 60, digging it up did not seem like an option. We hired a rotary hoe but it didn't "cut the mustard", we searched the phone book and internet for someone who might plough it up for a price - no one was interested -  and then we considered covering it with something like old carpet to strangle it into submission. In the end we got out our spades and dug out the sods and turned it over ourselves. Then with the help of a trusty son the Super Husband marked out the beds and got to work.... 

The Beginning