The Best Investment


Date:10 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

We've had pretty good weather lately (sorry to those up North who haven't!), so we set up our irrigation last week. I used my winnings from the challenge last year (thanks Yates) to buy it all, and there wasn't much change left from it, but was money well spent!

We have a large vege garden and I was finding I was spending so much time watering everything, and it was all getting a bit much. This has honestly been the best thing I have bought for my garden. We have it hooked up to our bore, so we're not using our tank water to water the garden, which is even better. We've got two timers on two differnt water outlets, with four hose attachments on each of those. Our water pressure isn't the greatest so we have it set up to do one area after the other.

At the moment I have it set up to automatically water the tunnel houses and just manually turn it on to water the vege gardens, but if this weather continues I'll set it up to do the lot. It's also such a lifesaver for when we go away not having to worry about the garden or ask somebody to come and do it for us. 

The Best Investment