The Big Ole Waiting Game


Date:23 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

I hope everyone's having a lovely long weekend so far. I got a few of the bigger tomatoes planted in one of the tunnelhouses and I also nervously popped a few cucumbers in there too.

I've looked at the weather forecast and tomorrow night looks like temps will get low, then looks pretty good after that. Thankfully I have plenty of spares if they don't get through tomorrow night.

The other tunnel house is still chocka with crops not quite ready to harvest, it will be touch and go with some if they will reach maturity when I ideally want to plant out in a few weeks. If that's the case, I will have to make that tough decision on to either wait longer, or rip them out, as I'd say some seedlings will be screaming at me to get into the ground by then!

The Big Ole Waiting Game