Date:06 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Woke up to snow that didn’t settle this morning – SOOO COLD

No garden damage though.


I do love to grow Broad beans. They are an amazing and easy green crop to grow from seed.

They look lush and help my garden feel full and alive through winter.

I am going to cut some tips out this week, as a friend suggested the best way to eat them is fried in butter with garlic and asparagus. Sounds like the ultimate taste of spring to me! 


The poor strawberries are on the south-eastern side, so the current low sun means they are in shade most of the afternoon…. I didn’t think of that in my planning!

Really, I should be chopping down the broad beans as mulch to give my strawberries the best chance – such a dilemma.


Do I liquid feed the strawberries at this time of the year? 

It seems a bit counter intuitive when the ground is still a bit wet :-/


Hope everyone is surviving the cold snap.