The End of Another Busy Week

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:21 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Knowing from the outset that this was going to be a busy week, I will admit to being highly relieved when I finally drove down the drive this afternoon. After a busy day at work, and while the boys were at the hairdresser's, I even managed to slip next door and pick up some Thyme and some Lavender. Having a walk-in, no-appointment necessary hairdresser on the way home, right next to Hammer Hardware, is rather convenient I think.

In between juggling First Aid Courses, normal sporting activities, school, work and calf club this week, we have still managed to potter and tick a few things off the list. Not large things, but enough to keep things ticking over. 

Potato bags have been filled up yet again. It only took them a week to reach the top of the buckets, after topping them off in the weekend. The grow bags are taking a wee bit longer. Reflecting on that, I moved the grow bags to the same spot as they may not have been getting the same amount of rainwater. 

The Kumara, I noticed, is starting to develop little bumps on the top, and actually a few roots on the side. Hopefully, we will be on track for a mid to late-November planting of slips.

The luffa that sprouted in the hot water cupboard has been planted into pots. Determining those were the more urgent ones, I decided the remaining ones can stay in the hot water cupboard for another day or two. 

Thankfully, I may not have to resort to science experiments in my hot water cupboard with pumpkin seeds as I actually have a Honey Nut coming up, and I have spied movement in 'Uncle Jock's' ones which I think look like Queensland Blues. I will at least have two to plant out.

We also have our cucumbers, zucchini, corn, and sunflowers hardening off outside. After being transported out during the day, and being brought back to the porch at night, they are going to be allowed out all night tonight. Tomorrow, I will do the same, but take them out of the safety of their plastic containers. Small gradual steps.

The tomatoes and lettuce have begun their first stages and have been put on the top of the big cage, instead of confined by the warm of the plastic covering. Once the others are in the garden, we will plant these up, and put them into the big tubs. This is going to have to be done very carefully though, as I have now spied a few seedlings coming up around them - the long-awaited tomatoes that took their sweet time. 

With the long weekend ahead of us, I am looking forward to actually getting a few things into the garden. A few weeks ago, I couldn't even be sure that this would be happening.


The End of Another Busy Week