The good, the bad, and the plain weird

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:18 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Sadly this morning, I went to check my pumpkin, and there was no change. Investigating further, I discovered a leaf sitting on the surface half out of the seed casing, but no roots attached. All was not lost though, as my attention was quickly drawn to something a bit more exciting if I am honest. Capsicums. Our chocolate capsicums are up.

While putting some washing in the hot water cupboard I also noticed a little bit of white in the luffa container. We have some seeds sprouting in there already. I suspect these are our quickest germinated seeds all season. If I get a chance in the morning, we will pot these up before school. In the meantime, I have removed them from the cupboard, and placed it with the lid off, on a shelf, away from my cats (will explain why shortly). You can also possibly guess what is coming next - I am going to germinate the pumpkin and bean seeds the same way. I figure I have nothing to lose, but potential veggies to gain. The stubborn streak in me also will not let me give up yet.

You will also notice from the photo, that my kumara have covers over them (vented at the bottom). This are for their own safety. Apparently, I have a cat that likes to drink from the container. Thinking I could divert her attention, we even placed a spare one with no kumara in it.  But she still went to them. I did have to google to check it wasn't poisoness (and in the process discovered the leaves are, but nothing about the water). Last year she did the same. Initially, I thought it was evaporation until I caught her in the act. She actually got quite snotty with me yesterday over it too. 

If I am honest, I should not be surprised with this cat's antics. It is the same cat who steals chilies off the bench, and tamarillos out of the fruit bowl (anything that resembles a mouse).

The good, the bad, and the plain weird