The Latest Seed Sowing Experiment

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:05 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Lemon seed growing experiment

The Landlords lovely lemon tree is full of borer SOOOOOOOO I've done a bit of research and experimenting to see if I can get us some new seedlings growing - I didnt want to do a branch or leaf propogation due to the borer so SEEDS it is


SO far here is what to do -

1. make pancakes , douse them in lemon juice and sugar YUM! Save the seeds (actually did that part of the action plan a few weks ago - havnt been able to make pancakes for a few weeks )

Then - soak the seeds overnight. Drain.

NOW - the internet tells me I am supposed to plant them in old tea leaves (I presume it is the tanin in the tea that helps germination)

HOWEVER I honestly didnt have that many tea leaves as dont drink all that much black tea.

HOWEVER I did have some old herbal tea bags left from when I last echo dyed papers for the hand made sketchbooks that I make)  (raspberry and peach tea and other ones)  SO I broke those open and put the dried leaves and lemon seeds in a tea cup and tossed them together until the seeds were fully coated in tea leaves. THAT was a couple of days ago. Gave them a wee spritz of water yesterday to moisten them but that was it.

FINALLY popped them into some soil today (commercial potting mix) and covered them with a few more tea leaves - 3 seeds in one pottle and 4 in another - Pretty sure they will take as had swelled a bit. Fingers crossed!

In addition to the lemons...

Potted up a few watermelon seeds (sugar baby) - I would have loved some of the delicious sweet bigger varieties but they only had sugar baby seeds  ( I had sprouted them on the kItchen bench - 12 had germinated so gave 6 to the landlord to play with in his glasshouse and popped the other 6 into individual pottles. Just the roots have popped out - no stems/leaves yet.  Still quite a few left to germinate so will pot them up another time.

AND I found a random packet of snake beans I must have bought years ago  - so have popped a couple in by the manuka branches where the Blue Lake Runners are

I would love to find a few Scarlet Runner Beans for the wee space that is becoming a kind of memorial garden for my Mother (Portia ) and Grandmothers - Grandma loved her scarlet runners. Have also popped some strawberries in for her as she was a Fraser - strawberries feature in the family crest as Fraser is derived from the French word for strawberries as I understand it. There are other plants i want to put in that were special to them. I dont want it to be gloomy, rather vibrant and a celebration of the awesome women they were. Maybe it will be gloomy and sad and feel like dead things and unhappy sadnesses now they are no there.  Not sure. Hopefully not. DOnt want it to be gloomy

Took lots of photos down in the actul garden things are going into - will show those another day 

Enjoying perusing the posts, thank you

The Latest Seed Sowing Experiment