The 'main' vege bed

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:09 Dec 2022

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Ok, so i dont think i have shown this in its entirety just in little snippets, like when i got the yams in finally and pulling carrots and the spot at the end of the cabbage bed where the tomatoes, alyssum, peas, cucumbers (failed) and a lavendar went in... 

Amazing that zucchini in front was still a seed in September!

I had an EPIPHANY THE OTHER DAY , to leave some of this space empty ready for the next seasons crops, that it didnt NEED to be planted up all at once! So, i shall leave a space and start building it up with goodness ready for when we start over NEXT September. Fingers crossed I am still here and still have this lovely space to sow into! I have missed having a garden. It is one of lifes true joys.

*edit ( for brevity/ clarity/ succinctisy lol)

Looking ahead ... disability wise it would be great to have some decent raised beds, edging and timed irrigation system in - especially over summer ( am assured this is also cost effective) or at the very least a pipe from the rain barrel by the studio to the main vegegarden. 

Sowing and growing wise ... Sarah kindly included a seed sowing pamphlet from yates which is just what i needed as it has a 'when to so what' chart included. ( i used to have a very early edition Yates Guarden Guide which was so fabulous for the month by month.. very missed!) So the sowing chart that was sent has removed so much stress and have already begun going through my favourite recipies and making a list of things I would like to grow and when to put the seed in ( and planning to have the space ready in the garden for when they go in).

Have a few other products on my need/ wish list that would help the veges thrive πŸ™‚ *end edit

Cant wait to show the sunflowers next week in the flower bed. 7ft and still growing! 

Audrey Hepburn said once " To have a garden is to believe in tomorrow".

Shall leave you with that one πŸ˜πŸ˜‡πŸ™‚

* apologies to those who left comments on this yesterday ( Friday 9th) when it was actually posted... I didnt realise when you edit a post it DELETES any comments that were there. I think Neil and Tracey had commented . JJ

The 'main' vege bed