The swarm, the injury and the sick chicken

Gardener:Ev in the South

Date:29 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

 Apologies for not being on here for the last couple of days – I needed to deal with an amazing array of events. A long overdue gardening weekend was hindered first by my back which I pulled rather badly first thing on Saturday morning. It was a nice day here too, so was gutting not being able to get out into the garden. Then I discovered that one of my chooks suddenly got very sick (I’m keeping it at home while treating it, so have to work from home looking after it). Some family are coming over tomorrow too, which is, of course, both lovely and a lot of work.

And then the swarm happened.. It was discovered by the neighbour just across the street. Not my swarm, but as it was not too high up I was able to capture it. So now its mine, and I have to arrange some equipment to house it. Just when I thought I may be able to get on top of things..

This being a gardening forum, I better say something about my garden, currently abandoned for a about a week. Cucumbers are coming along very nicely in their unusual greenhouse. Fresh peas are starting to come along, and I’m pretty excited about growing sugar snap peas for the first time – so handy. Oh and yes, SO MANY BROAD BEANS. I’m freezing loads and adding them to most dishes apart from dessert. Any broad bean cooking ideas welcome :)

The swarm, the injury and the sick chicken