The Sweet Taste of Summer

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:07 Feb 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

I am a savoury person. I like salty snacks over sweet, cheese over chocolate and vegetables over fruit. But The Super Husband has a definite inclination toward sweet. I make his lunch for work everyday with the obligatory sandwich or filled roll, pastry or cheese muffin, but he always gets a little something sweet in his lunchbox. He also always has a container of fruit into which he adds his pottle of yoghurt for afternoon tea in the "donko". (Isn't that a great kiwi-ism?!)

For the past two years we have had terrific success with strawberries. Given that I don't really get into desserts, and the grandkids can only eat so many straight off the plants,  we have a glut and I freeze them chopped into zip lock bags which I then add to the SH's lunchbox. He reckons the flavour is more intense once they have been frozen.

Last year I grew all of my plants from runners that had grown the year before. They weren't as prolific as the previous year so this coming season I think I will treat myself to new plants. We keep the birds from getting most of them with wire supports covered with netting. If any grow outside of the netting then we feel we are helping feed the local bird population -  a win-win situation.

The Sweet Taste of Summer