There is an early lead in the Tomato race!


Date:19 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

As you all know, I have a few tomato varieties growing, and as we all do we get excited for the first ripe one of the season. 

Usually, Marmande, my must have determinate variety is the first and most abundant first rush. This year I added early boy, thinking that I could get in even earlier.

Surisingly these 2 are a little slower this year. Plants are healthy and have plenty flowers, Marmande has fruit, early boy is a little slower, but will set fruit as there has Benn no flower drop.

Money Maker is one that is again a must have. Not because it is anything special, but because it is exactly that! Just a good alround well behaved basic tomato, plentiful, reliable and everyone recognises it as a normal tomato. Due to it being a little smaller, it is quite far along, in a nice spot for sun so has the early lead, and all the conditions are lined up for success.... So go little money maker, you can do it and be Number 1 this year! 

There is an early lead in the Tomato race!